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Ek Niranjan — Movie Review

October 29, 2009

Howdy Guyz,

Today let us review the latest offering from PP offering(not wat you are thinking dirty mindz), err i mean Puri and Prabhas “Ek Niranjan”. [For just the summary pls scroll to the end but i suggest read the entire post]

One liner of the Story: A man’s search for his parentz!!

Yeah i know Prabhas has been doing this searching from long (read Yogi, Chatrapathi, Bujjigaadu-for heroine) and the search continues with Ek Niranjan and itz not just continuing for his parentz but also for the elusive “Hit” in his career which is getting farther and father like a satellite lost in space with each release

The movie begins with a kid getting kidnapped by Markand Deshpande , who i have to agree is remarkable in maintaining the length and shabbiness of his hair through years, and being used for raising alms at street corners. Kid grows up (but not fast to become 6 feet Prabhas, why so hurry) but rather stuck in between 1-10 years when he helps cops arrest Markand or the Jhumpaluwala. Cop pays him Re.1 and this we are told changes his life.(Shivaji- The Boss)…You are right he becomes a bounty hunter( Someone who helps cops nab criminals in exchange of rewards or bounty)

Fast forward (20 0r 30 years) and enters Prabhas chasing some goon to arrest. We have typical introduction dialogues from the hero and one additional dialogue which has been in use since first usage by A a a agni… and dat my frend is “Kannipinchani Nalugo Simham ye raa ee —-chotu gaadu”– WTF is this name for a hero..Pandugaadu is a hit so letz try chotu gaadu idhi mana puri gaadi plan

Anywayz time for a song which is the title song which has been greeted by whistles and paperz from our movie patrons in the hall; This is where we first see the (dont know if this true) 1Cr Bollywood import –  Kangana as Sameera. Kangana is a music teacher who owns a guitar,which she plays only for 15 secs in the entire movie so not sure of its use,,letz see…Hehehe i own Rahman album, so am i a Music Director???

Anywayz, Hero-heroine accidently bump into each other, heroine hates hero, falls for him end of story go home [If only this was a short movie:(( ]..

A parallel track in the story is of Sonu Sood aka Jhonny Bhai who sends his henchman, one of them Mukul Anand, another jhumpaluwala from Bollywood, to kill a minister. Minister is killed, his brother-in-law Posani (at his lunatic best) wants revenge. After the shootout Jhumpalu Mukul is nabbed by the cops, another aide killed. Jhonny Bhai’s character is tried to establish as a psycho/sadist/comedian. Even 5 hrs after watching this movie i am not sure what he was from the above but can say that he is the only saving grace of the movie & whoz sidekick is Brahmaji.. I think the only reason why Brahmaji is signed for this movie is to get slapped from Jhonny Bhai and to carry a puzzled look on his face

Jhonny Bhai’s gangs consists of well built goons and one of them is heroine’s brother. (Charmee’s brother in Mass). Hero arrests him and hands him to the cops to earn his pocket money and in the fight that follows breaks the Guitar of Kangana. Yipee i finally found a reason why the guitar was used in the movie

Letz move ahead; Prabhas is forced to buy a new guitar for Kangana, takes her to jail to visit her brother on Rakhi and so Kangana falls for him, as he has vsensitive side i presume!! This is one of those timez where i have to kick myself for trying to search for logic in telugu movies

Jhonny Bhai’s men are searching for Prabhas as they want to get their share of revenge for getting one of their men arrested i.e. for getting Kangan’s brother arrested. Prabhas being the hero,chotugaadu what a name kheeee kheee, bashes all of them and in the same scene bashes Inspector Satya (Not his real name, hez from the iconic Satya Dharma and Amma from Agni’z Police Story) because all of them are trying to capture the parentz of Jhumpalwala Mukul as he iz captured by cops and Jhonny Bhai fears he may spill the beans and as i am typing trying to find an answer as to why the inspector was searching for them (Nopez no reason given)

During all diz shit going on in his life, Prabhas keeps in touch with Jhumpalwala Markand,who is in Jail and later when released movez as live-in partner of Prabhas, as he is the only missing link to find his parentz..And he inturns uses Prabhas as a financer for his daily dose of liquor

So, after half-a-dozens repeat songs and dances (repeat because there is nothing new in them, mana mani same old crap except the title song) and hell lot of fights later movie shifts to Bangkok.  where all the characters for some reason or the other reach. Here our Prabhas goes a step ahead in all the urgency to reach  Bangkok activates international roaming(I am not bullshitting man, how else is it that as soon as Kangana from Bangkok calls on his india mobile number he replies he too reached Bangkok; reasoning for urgency well he asks Sunil to wait for him at some street while he is coming to Bangkok and Sunil does precisely that waits till he is there, WTF), buyz liqour for Jhumpalwala Markand whoz very touched, goes to hero’s parentz but is killed(OMG!!! Cliche’).

So in the climax we have Prabhas, Kangana, Her Brother, Sonu Sood, Brahmaji and their entire gang, Jhumpaluwala Mukul and Sunil in Bangkok (I hurted why is Brahmi, Ali  and Venu Madhav not flown to Bangkok!!y your honor, y y y y????) all talking on cell phones (Indian numbers obviously). More fights and an ode to King of Pop MJ, the villain is killed and the bloody hero with a bloodier heroine, err i mean bleeding from all the fights and running are back to India and the final scene shows that the hero is about to,read again, about to meet his parentz… End of Story… God Bless

Phew Phew i am tired watching the movie and recollecting the entire movie to write this plot…..

My Take on this movie

The movie is a rip off rather inspired by dozens of movies, here is the list-

Hero Childhood reminds of Athadu,

Shooting a minister and getting scammed Athadu,

Prabhas searching for someone whom he lost from all his previous movies,

Brahmanandam comedy from all his previous movies

Sonu Sood and Brahmaji Track – It is funny in bitz but is a continuation of Number 1 track

Manisharma music – He played these tracks since evolution of mankind

Prabhas has all those which take to make someone a hero material except for the eye to spot good scriptz. All bollywood imports badly need a hair cut. and mana Puri is following Ramgopal Verma big time – One line story, one hundred million budget, one torturous output, after one week only one person left in the audience..

And before i end this review, i have some inside story – Apparently a little birdie tells me that Puri had a winner script in his hands but his brother after knowing this and realizing this will be released just one week after his movie, gave Puri a “Bumper Offer” by replacing the script with the script of Bujjigaadu another PP Combination!! And now this explains the similarity in dialogues, look of the movie, posters of the movie and Prabhas dialogue delivery between these two!!!!!



Not a very Bad Movie but not good either. Some may feel it is passable and some may come out banging their heads.

Overall Rating: 1.5-2 out of 5